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Red Beans and Rice... and so much more!

Updated: May 18, 2021

I have had the pleasure of sampling regional versions of Red Beans and Rice in all four quadrants of our great country; North, South, East and West. Cajun Red Beans and Rice have a creaminess that is just not found in other regions. It may have everything to do with the fact that, in Cajun cooking we believe that our flavors must blend together to get the best of the individuals ingredients. We would love to know your thoughts...

As with all of the recipes we share, we'd really like you to make this your own by trying different things... even substituting some of your local ingredients. We would love to hear your suggestions or comments you have on making it your own!

To download this recipe, just click on the link below the picture. You will get a PDF image that is formatted for most tablets so you can refer to it as you cook! ALLONS CUISINER! (Let's go cook!)

basic cajun recipes red beans copy
Download PDF • 560KB

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